Agreement to Electronic Communications. By agreeing to the Electronic Communications Agreement, you agree and provide your electronic signature to this Electronic Communications Agreement. Under this Electronic Communications Agreement, you agree that Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“we” or “us”) may provide agreements and disclosures related to the cards, accounts and all related services to you electronically (via email, on our website or mobile app) instead of in paper form. During the term that you maintain an account with us, you agree to provide us with and maintain a valid email address and mobile phone number for information that will be delivered by email or text message and that you will promptly notify us of any change in your email address or mobile phone number. You understand that our ability to provide you information by email or text message is dependent upon the maintenance of a valid email address and mobile phone number. For information that will only be provided via our mobile app, such as periodic statements/transaction histories, it is your responsibility to check the mobile app for current information.

Electronic Records and Communications Act Disclosures

You consent, understand and agree that: (i) this Agreement will be entered into electronically, (ii) you meet the minimum access requirements specified below, (iii) the consent shall last until you withdraw consent, and (iv) the following categories of information may be provided by electronic communication:

We may mail paper copies of any of the foregoing, in addition to or instead of sending them to you electronically, at our discretion.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to have future instances of the above-referenced categories of information made available to you by electronic communication. If you withdraw your consent, you will no longer be able to utilize our online features and services, including, but not limited to, our Mobile App, Online Bill Pay, Online Bank Transfer and Send Money services. In addition, you may experience a delay in obtaining information regarding your Accounts. Your withdrawal shall not apply to information properly provided before the withdrawal takes effect.

To withdraw your consent, please call us at 1-844-984-0200. You can update your contact information in our mobile app or by calling us at 1-844-984-0200. The withdrawal of consent will take effect no more than fourteen (14) calendar days after you provide us with notice of the withdrawal.

You may obtain a paper copy of any electronic communications (including a copy of this Agreement) free of charge by calling us at 1-844-984-0200. Such a request will not be considered a withdrawal of consent to receive information by electronic communication unless you expressly withdraw your consent in such request.

In order to receive the categories of information referenced above by electronic communication, you must have the following hardware and software requirements:

We may change these requirements from time to time. If any of these requirements are changed, we will update this document accordingly.